About Initiative

The initiative builds on longstanding collaborative ties among US and European scholars and universities formalized in the TIRES consortium (“Transnationalism, Immigration, Racism, Ethnicity and the State”). The recipient of several grants to support trans-Atlantic exchanges and training projects, the TIREs consortium has included at various times Florida International University, New York University, and the Universities of Minnesota, Colorado, and Pittsburgh on the US side. European university partners have included Amsterdam, Frankfurt-Oder, Liege, Madrid, Sciences-Po (Paris), and Warsaw.

The revised consortium provides an institutional framework within which a variety of comparative US-European research and training projects may be pursued. At each consortium partner, an interdisciplinary faculty working group with interests in the program themes represents the core faculty strength for the development of specific projects. It is also anticipated that consortium universities will take the lead on the appropriate regional perspectives on either side of the Atlantic to advance a wider US-European comparative scope.

The consortium partners and lead contacts are:

United States

  • Florida International University (A. Douglas Kincaid)
  • New York University (Martin Schain)
  • University of New Mexico (Andrew Schrank)
  • The Ohio State University (Craig Jenkins)

European Union

  • Université de Liège (Marco Martiniello)
  • Linköpings Universitet (Peo Hansen)
  • Università degli studi di Milano (Alberto Martinelli)
  • University of Warsaw (Pawel Kaczmarczyk)

Additional partners may be added as appropriate to the initiative or specific projects.

A. Douglas Kincaid
Department of Global and Sociocultural Studies
Florida International University