Spring 2015 Indigenous Studies Courses

Comparative Indigenous Religions of the Americas Natives of North America, Mayas of Central America, Aymaras and Quechuas of the Andes.

RLG 5937 - REL 4937-U06, MMC Campus. Monday 5:00-9:05pm, Ana Maria Bidegain, Religious Studies (more info)

The course will analyze the foundations and sources to study spirituality, world views, beliefs and worship of Native nations. An emphasis is on the role of Indigenous religious experience in developing resistance and resilience in contemporary social and political struggles.

Seminar on Latin America: Latin American Indigenous Peoples' Experiences, Cultures and Political Struggles.

ANG 6339-U01, MMC Campus. Wednesday 11:00-1:45pm, Juliet Erazo, Anthropology Global & Sociocultural Studies. (more info)

The aim of this class is to engage with scholarly work that sheds light on the contemporary experiences and struggles of indigenous peoples across Latin America. Most weeks will be dedicated to reading ethnographies.

Complex Litigation

LAW 7308-U01 - MMC Campus, Monday-Wednesday 3:30-4:45pm, Manuel Gomez (more info)

Focuses on the Chevron-Ecuador dispute that arose from a lawsuit filed on behalf of indigenous peoples from the Ecuadorean Amazon.