Spring 2016 Graduate Courses

GSS - SPRING 2016* (Subject to Change)

ANG 6083-U01 Theory in Anthro T 2:00-4:45 Ritchie Syllabus
ANG 6339-U01 Latin Amer Seminar M 5:00-7:40Oslender Syllabus
ANG 6472-U01 Ant Globalization W 11:00-1:45 Hollander Syllabus
ANG 6497-U01 Qual Research Meth W 5:00-7:40 Mahler Syllabus
ANT 6319-U01 African Diaspora R 5:00-7:40 Queeley Syllabus
ANT 6469-U01 Grad Medical Anthro W 2:00-4:45 Padilla Syllabus
GEA 6409-U01 Violence & Healing M 5:00-7:40 Oslender Syllabus
GEO 5557-U01 Globalization W 11:00-1:45 Hollander Syllabus
ISS 6305-U01 Res Meth & Design T 11:00-1:45 Marr Syllabus
ISS 6306-U01 Proposal Writing R 11:00-1:45 Neumann Syllabus
SYA 6356-U01 GIS & Soc Research MW 5:00-6:15Scott Syllabus
SYA 6356-U02 GIS & Soc Research MW 11:00-12:15Scott Syllabus
SYD 5045-U01 Pop & Society T 6:25-9:05 Craumer CANCELLED
SYD 6339-U01 Soc & Cul Carib M 11:00-1:50 Duany Syllabus
SYD 6796-U01 Sex Race Power in Col Time M 2:00-4:50Rahier Syllabus
SYD 6901-U01 Special Topics TR 2:00-3:15Marr Syllabus

GSS Graduate Directed Individual Study Courses (DIS)

To enroll in a DIS class as a graduate student, first you must obtain an approval from your professor, and then email the GSS Graduate Program to obtain a permission to enroll. Once a permission has being issued, students are responsible for enrollment.

Anthropology Track

ANG 5905-U02 Directed Ind Study Erazo
ANG 5905-U03 Directed Ind Study Gladwin
ANG 5905-U04 Directed Ind Study Mahler
ANG 5905-U06 Directed Ind Study Padilla
ANG 5905-U07 Directed Ind Study Queeley
ANG 5905-U08 Directed Ind Study Rahier
ANG 5905-U09 Directed Ind Study Ritchie
ANG 5905-U11 Directed Ind Study Wiedman
ANG 5905-U12 Directed Ind Study Duany
ANG 5915-U01 Directed Field Research Gladwin
ANG 5915-U02 Directed Field Research Mahler
ANG 5915-U03 Directed Field Research Padilla
ANG 5915-U04 Directed Field Research Rahier

Geography Track

GEO 5906-U01 Directed Ind Studies Craumer
GEO 5906-U03 Directed Ind Studies Gonzalez
GEO 5906-U04 Directed Ind Studies Hollander
GEO 5906-U05 Directed Ind Studies Neumann
GEO 5906-U06 Directed Ind Studies Onsted
GEO 5906-U07 Directed Ind Studies Oslender
GEO 5906-U08 Directed Ind Studies Grove
GEO 5906-U09 Directed Ind Studies Smith
GEO 5906-U10 Directed Ind Studies Scott
GEO 7980-U01 Ph.D. Dissertation Craumer
GEO 7980-U03 Ph.D. Dissertation Gonzalez
GEO 7980-U04 Ph.D. Dissertation Hollander
GEO 7980-U05 Ph.D. Dissertation Neumann
GEO 7980-U06 Ph.D. Dissertation Onsted
GEO 7980-U07 Ph. D. Dissertation Oslender
GEO 7980-U08 Ph. D. Dissertation Grove
GEO 7980-U09 Ph. D. Dissertation Smith

Sociology Track

SYA 5909-U01 Direct Ind. Study Lai
SYA 5909-U02 Direct Ind. Study Girard
SYA 5909-U03 Direct Ind. Study Grenier
SYA 5909-U04 Direct Ind. Study Hintzen
SYA 5909-U05 Direct Ind. Study Lavender
SYA 5909-U06 Direct Ind. Study Lowery
SYA 5909-U07 Direct Ind. Study Marr
SYA 5909-U08 Direct Ind. Study Patil
SYA 5909-U09 Direct Ind. Study Perez-Stable
SYA 5909-U10 Direct Ind. Study Tardanico
SYA 5909-U11 Direct Ind. Study Xu
SYA 5909-U13 Direct Ind. Study Addy
SYA 5909-U14 Direct Ind. Study Kincaid
SYA 7941-U01 Field Research Gladwin
SYA 7941-U02 Field Research Mahler
SYA 7941-U03 Field Research Rahier
SYA 7941-U04 Field Research Lai
SYA 7941-U05 Field Research Grove
SYA 7941-U06 Field Research Craumer
SYA 7941-U07 Field Research Duany
SYA 7941-U08 Field Research Erazo
SYA 7941-U10 Field Research Girard
SYA 7941-U11 Field Research Grenier
SYA 7941-U12 Field Research Hintzen
SYA 7941-U13 Field Research Hollander
SYA 7941-U14 Field Research Kincaid
SYA 7941-U15 Field Research Lavender
SYA 7941-U16 Field Research Lowery
SYA 7941-U17 Field Research Marr
SYA 7941-U18 Field Research Neumann
SYA 7941-U20 Field Research Onsted
SYA 7941-U21 Field Research Oslender
SYA 7941-U22 Field Research Padilla
SYA 7941-U23 Field Research Patil
SYA 7941-U24 Field Research Perez-Stable
SYA 7941-U25 Field Research Price
SYA 7941-U26 Field Research Queeley
SYA 7941-U27 Field Research Ritchie
SYA 7941-U28 Field Research Smith
SYA 7941-U30 Field Research Tardanico
SYA 7941-U31 Field Research Wiedman
SYA 7941-U32 Field Research Xu
SYA 7967-U01 Prep Doctoral Exam Grenier
SYA 7967-U02 Prep Doctoral Exam Hollander
SYA 7967-U03 Prep Doctoral Exam Price
SYA 7967-U04 Prep Doctoral Exam Rahier
SYA 7967-U05 Prep Doctoral Exam Padilla
SYA 7967-U06 Prep Doctoral Exam Hintzen
SYA 7967-U07 Prep Doctoral Exam Duany
SYA 7967-U08 Prep Doctoral Exam Smith
SYA 7979-U01 Advanced Research Gladwin
SYA 7979-U02 Advanced Research Mahler
SYA 7979-U03 Advanced Research Rahier
SYA 7979-U04 Advanced Research Hintzen
SYA 7980-U01 Ph. D. Dissertation Lai
SYA 7980-U03 Ph. D. Dissertation Erazo
SYA 7980-U04 Ph. D. Dissertation Girard
SYA 7980-U05 Ph. D. Dissertation Gladwin
SYA 7980-U06 Ph. D. Dissertation Grenier
SYA 7980-U07 Ph. D. Dissertation Hintzen
SYA 7980-U08 Ph. D. Dissertation Lavender
SYA 7980-U09 Ph. D. Dissertation Lowery
SYA 7980-U10 Ph. D. Dissertation Mahler
SYA 7980-U11 Ph. D. Dissertation Marr
SYA 7980-U13 Ph. D. Dissertation Padilla
SYA 7980-U14 Ph. D. Dissertation Patil
SYA 7980-U15 Ph. D. Dissertation Perez-Stable
SYA 7980-U16 Ph. D. Dissertation Queeley
SYA 7980-U17 Ph. D. Dissertation Rahier
SYA 7980-U18 Ph. D. Dissertation Ritchie
SYA 7980-U20 Ph. D. Dissertation Tardanico
SYA 7980-U21 Ph. D. Dissertation Wiedman
SYA 7980-U22 Ph. D. Dissertation Xu
SYA 7980-U24 Ph. D. Dissertation Duany
SYA 7980-U25 Ph. D. Dissertation Kincaid
SYD 7980-U01 Directed Readings Lai
SYD 7980-U02 Directed Readings Grove
SYD 7903-U03 Directed Readings Craumer
SYD 7903-U04 Directed Readings Erazo
SYD 7903-U06 Directed Readings Girard
SYD 7903-U07 Directed ReadingGladwin
SYD 7903-U08 Directed Readings Grenier
SYD 7903-U09 Directed Readings Hintzen
SYD 7903-U10 Directed Readings Hollander
SYD 7903-U11 Directed Readings Lavender
SYD 7903-U12 Directed Readings Lowery
SYD 7903-U13 Directed Readings Mahler
SYD 7903-U14 Directed Readings Marr
SYD 7903-U15 Directed Readings Neumann
SYD 7903-U17 Directed Readings Onsted
SYD 7903-U18 Directed Readings Oslender
SYD 7903-U19 Directed Readings Padilla
SYD 7903-U20 Directed Readings Patil
SYD 7903-U21 Directed Readings Perez-Stable
SYD 7903-U22 Directed Readings Price
SYD 7903-U23 Directed Readings Queeley
SYD 7903-U24 Directed Readings Rahier
SYD 7903-U25 Directed Readings Ritchie
SYD 7903-U26 Directed Readings Smith
SYD 7903-U28 Directed Readings Gonzalez