Conference Participation: What are the Benefits and Pitfalls?

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Venue:FIU MMC, Labor Center 110

SAGGSA & AADS SGA Collaborative Professional Development Series, presents:

Conference Participation: What are the Benefits and Pitfalls?

Panel Discussion and Q & A by GSS Professors:

  • Dr. Percy Hintzen,
  • Dr. Gail Hollander,
  • Dr. Mark Padilla,
  • Dr. Andrea Queeley

For graduate students conferences often present both exciting opportunities for networking and challenging issues around perennial issues of limited time and money. How do we make conferences really work for us? Professors will bring us their successes and lessons from their own conference going experiences. Panel members will discuss their recommendations on how best to use conference presentations and networking to your advantage through different stages of your academic career (graduate student, candidate, post‐doctoral work).

Discussions will include but are not limited to funding, abstract submissions, goal setting for conference participa+on, discussion of specific conference experience from different fields.

Bring your questions and abstracts!!!

The program is FREE and open to the public. Refreshments Provided!

For more information, Click Here to see the event flyer or call (305) 348‐2247.
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