SAGGSA Meeting

Event information
Venue:SIPA Lounge

SAGGSA MTG Agenda 2_13_13

1. New Student Welcoming & Mentoring Committee →Faye

2. Shabazz event? What’s next? Need submissions

2. Undergrad Dialogue regarding going to Grad School→ Sheila and Siobhan

3. Dissertation Coffee Social/ presentation Cynthia Malaskas? Can we do it

4. Colloquium Committee update: What can we do to help? How is conference going?

5. Elections

6. Update from Billy on Faculty Meeting… Feb 2nd staff meeting

7. Issues with CSO? How to deal with?

8.OrgSync, what do we need to add?

Sheila Sutton
PhD Student & SAGGSA President
Global & Sociocultural Studies Department
Florida International University