Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Defense by: Abby S. Gondek

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Venue:MMC, GC 273A


Florida International University

University Graduate School
Steven J. Green School for International and Public Affairs
Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Defense


Forming racialized and gendered Jewish subjectivities in the internal colony: Jewish women social scientists and their transracial, transdisciplinary and transnational networks, 1920-1965


Abby S. Gondek

My dissertation will interrogate how Jewish female social scientists (like women in imperialist projects during the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries and nationalist struggles during the two World Wars) may have proved their nationalist-imperialist belonging and modern subjectivities through their research with black and indigenous women. Instead of looking at individual “heroines,” perpetuating the myth of the “Lone Ranger” anthropologist, I use a feminist post-colonial approach to social network analysis to investigate the transracial, transdisciplinary and transnational networks between women theorists. I aim to intervene in the foundations of social science knowledge by studying the knowledge-production of women social scientists working across racial boundaries, and investigating how their positions might have informed their critiques of the theoretical divisions between the realm of the micro, private, social, cultural (race-gender-sexuality identity) and the realm of macro, public, institutional, and structural. Employing a “connected histories” approach, I will reveal how women’s transdisciplinary, hybrid, and “reflexive” writing, inspired by their networks, questioned the split between canonical “modern” sociology and “non-modern” anthropology and between “modern” social scientists and “non-modern” subjects. By taking a transnational approach that analyzes how racist colonialism has impacted the processes of data collection, knowledge production, and canonization, I plan to break the assumed separation between nation-states and “cultures” in supposedly different geographic “areas.”

Date: Friday April 22, 2016
Department: Global and Sociocultural Studies
Time: 10:00 AM
Place: GC 273A
Major Professor: Dr. Vrushali Patil

Abby Gondek

M.A. African and African Diaspora Studies,
PhD student Global and Socio-cultural Studies,
Florida International University