Jean Max Charles, PhD

Jean Max Charles, PhD

GSS Alumni | PhD
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Jean Max Charles is a GSS PhD graduate, 2020. His dissertation investigated both the effectiveness and the limitations of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) aid as it relates to efforts to provide sustainable development outcomes in the wake of disasters. Focusing on the case of Haiti, and the billions of dollars of disaster aid that the country received through NGOs for relief and reconstruction of the country in the wake of the 2010 magnitude 7.0 earthquake, his dissertation explores the ways in which the delivery and management of disaster aid can be organized to produce long-term results and limit the possibilities for future disasters. More specifically, he argues that to produce long-term outcomes, disaster relief efforts must make development a centerpiece of their interventions in order to reduce vulnerability in the future and build resilient communities. His research intends to have significant policy implications in relation to the way aid is delivered and implemented and the prospect for such aid to significantly transform the lives of the most vulnerable.

Jean Max Charles is currently a Fulbright Scholar in Haiti. He received a scholarship to collaborate with the State University of Haiti and continues with his current research.

His recent article is "The Slave Revolt that Changed the World and the Conspiracy Against It: The Haitian Revolution and the Birth of Scientific Racism is published in the Journal of Black Studies."

You can read Jean Charles’ article through the following link: https:/doi.org10.1177/0021934720905128.

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