Jennifer Wolfe, PhD

Jennifer Wolfe is a statistical and GIS analyst in FIU's Institute for Public Opinion Research (IPOR). At IPOR she is currently working on a U.S Geological Survey GIS-based tool, the Ecological Portfolio Model, that integrates ecological, socioeconomic, and quality of life values, to assess and evaluate the impact of land use and development scenarios on South Florida ecosystem functions. She also collaborates in GIS-based studies of immigration involving census data and tracking surveys of public opinion on environmental and related issues.

Ms. Wolfe is skilled in the geographic information systems programs ArcGIS and Manifold, in the statistical program Stata, and in multivariate spatial statistics. Before joining IPOR, Ms. Wolfe was a Research Associate in FIU's Center for Labor Studies/Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy (RISEP), where she engaged in research concerning affordable housing and living wage policy. Her co-authored studies include (with RISEP Director Bruce Nissen) A Difference that Matters: The Impact of the Miami-Dade Living Wage Ordinance on Employees Covered by the Ordinance; and (with fellow graduate student Marcos Feldman) Workforce Housing and Miami’s Affordable Housing Needs: Issues and Policy Options.