Patricia Price

Patricia Price

Professor of Geography; Chair, University-wide Institutional Review Board (IRB)


BA, University of Washington, Business Administration, 1987
MA, University of Washington, Geography, 1990
PhD, University of Washington, Geography, 1997


Office: Modesto A. Maidique Campus, SIPA 328
Tel: 305.348.2618 |

My graduate training was in urban and development geography, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methods, with a heavy emphasis on field research. I have since added expertise in cultural geography, and today consider myself to be primarily a cultural and urban geographer. My interests have always hinged on socio-spatial processes of belonging and exclusion. Thus my varied publications, spanning neoliberal economic reform, critical gender and race studies, borders, immigration, neighborhood change, popular religiosity, and narrative, return continuously to this principal theme. I have co-authored two cultural geography textbooks, The Human Mosaic (10th edition) and The Cultural Geography Reader, as well as a monograph titled Dry Place. In addition, I am currently authoring or have recently published several pieces on cultural geography in general, Miami’s multiple roles in the urban geographic imaginary, field research results from a large comparative project on Latino/a neighborhood transition, a forum on human subjects protection, and a series of overview articles on race and ethnicity in human geography.

I regularly teach a large (300–400 seat) World Regional Geography course at the lower-division level. At the upper division, I teach Cultural Geography and Urban Geography. Graduate seminars include Cultural Geography, Ethnographic Methods, and Space, Place, and Identity. As our newly-merged department evolves with respect to programs and course offerings, I will add teaching on race and ethnicity at the undergraduate and graduate levels. My graduate students have been funded by The National Science Foundation and the Fulbright Foundation.

At Florida International University, one body – the Institutional Review Board (IRB) – provides overarching human subjects oversight in compliance with Federal requirements. I chair this Board, as well as serving as a member of it. We review, approve, and monitor all research with a human subjects component conducted by FIU faculty and students. For more information, please visit the FIU Office of Sponsored Research Administration’s Office of Research Integrity.

Currently, I am engaged in data analysis and article write-up resulting from a team research project on comparative civic and place engagement in three Latino neighborhoods in transition. This research was sponsored by The National Science Foundation.

Fall 2010 Courses (see Home page Courses & Syllabi)

  • Cultural Geography (GEO 3421-U01)

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