Qing Lai

Qing Lai


Office: Modesto Maidique Campus - SIPA 313
Telephone: (305) 348-6663| qlai@fiu.edu,

I earned my PhD in Sociology at the University of Michigan. I received graduate training at the Population Studies Center and Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research. My research interests include social demography, social stratification, China, and quantitative methods. I have published peer-reviewed articles on Social Science Research, Chinese Sociological Review, Research in the Sociology of Work, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS).

My research agenda has two parts. First, I do research on the post-WWII globalization of “modern” life course ideas and behaviors, such as prolonged education, cohabitation, delayed marriage and childbearing, low fertility, gender equality, and neolocal residence. I am particularly interested in how various life course ideas and behaviors hinged upon the world culture scripts of development, science, legality, and individual rights. Much of my ongoing efforts aim to measure those world culture scripts and evaluate their influences on various dimensions of the “modern” life course.

The second line of my research focuses on higher education in adulthood (AHE). I analyze census and survey data from around the world to assess the global prevalence of AHE. I also study the determinants, processes, and consequences of AHE at the individual level in China, Europe, and the United States.

I currently teach quantitative methods at the Florida International University.

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