Combined BA in Anthropology/Sociology with MPH

Combined Degree Program at a Glance: BA in Sociology/Anthropology and MPH with a concentration in Health Policy & Management

Program Overview:

The combined B.A./MPH degree program allows highly qualified undergraduate students to pursue an accelerated MPH degree in Health Policy and Management. Students accepted into this program will be able to complete the MPH degree as early as one year sooner than regular track MPH students.

A student admitted to the combined degree program will be considered to have undergraduate status until the student applies for graduation from the bachelor’s degree program. Upon conferral of the bachelor’s degree, the student will be granted graduate status. Only 5000-level or higher courses and no more than the number of credits specified by the program catalog, may be applied toward both degrees. To be accepted into the combined B.A. /MPH degree program, students may submit an MPH program application as early as 75 credits but no later than 90 credits or their junior year in the bachelor’s, whichever comes first.

To be considered for admission to the combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program, students must have completed between 75-90 credits in the bachelor’s degree program at FIU and must meet the admissions criteria for the MPH Health Policy & Management program. Students need only apply once to the combined degree program, but the application must be submitted to Graduate Admissions before the student starts the last 30 credits of their bachelor’s degree program. Additionally, once admitted, students must graduate with their B.A. within three semesters (summer semesters count). Students who do not graduate within three semesters may have their admission into the combined degree program revoked.

About the MPH with a Concentration in Health Policy & Management

The Master of Public Health in Health Policy and Management prepares the next generation of public health and healthcare leaders with a vision that focuses on efficiency, quality, and population health improvement. FIU equips students with analytical tools and professional skills to identify healthcare challenges, collect available evidence, recommend policy changes and support decision making. From making the delivery of healthcare safer and more efficient to expanding health insurance coverage, eliminating disparities in access and care, and providing health economic evaluations, our graduates are trained to succeed in today’s complex healthcare environment. Our students are employed by large health systems or health care facilities, health insurance companies, and local or state health departments.

Application requirements:

  • Current enrollment in the B. A. program in Sociology/Anthropology at FIU
  • Completed between 75-90 credits in the bachelor’s degree program
  • GRE scores (scores must be sent to FIU and on file prior to applying)
  • Minimum GPA of 3.2
  • Two letters of recommendation, preferably from FIU Faculty
  • Statement of purpose discussing research interests
    • Should include why you have chosen this degree, what interests you about this concentration and how you intend on using the degree once you graduate?
  • Fall Deadline: July 31 | Spring Deadline: November 30

How to apply:

All of these steps (including submission of a full application) must be taken prior to the 90-credit mark.

  • Students must first meet with their Academic Advisor to discuss program and verify eligibility requirements.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Graduate Program Director to discuss program requirements, curriculum, and program expectations.
  • Take GRE and send scores to FIU (code 5206).
  • Gather and prepare required materials: two letters of recommendation and statement of purpose.
  • Complete and print the top portion of Application for Admission to combined degree program.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Public Health Coordinator to review and submit required documentation and application for admission.
  • Should the application for admission be approved, the student will be asked to pick up the approved application packet and submit it to FIU OneStop (SASC 126) along with a $30 application fee*.

*Once accepted into the graduate program, students must be advised by the departmental Graduate Program Director before enrolling in 5000-level graduate courses.

Public Health Coordinator Contact Information:

Ms. Zoraya Arguello
Office of Student and Alumni Affairs
MMC: AHC 5 Room 145 | 305-348-4394 |

Global and Sociocultural Studies Coordinator Contact Information:

Ricardo Gonzalez
MMC: SIPA Room 304 | 305-348-2242 |

Helpful Links:

FIU University Graduate School: http:/

Public Health: https:/stempel.fiu.eduacademics/school-of-public-health/health-policy-management/

Global and Sociocultural Studies: https:/

GRE Website: http:/