Faculty Emeriti

Janet Chernela, Professor Emerita

Professor Emerita | PhD, Columbia University, 1983\ Social Organization, Women in Society, Ecological Anthropology, Amazon, Brazil, Caribbean
Contact: 305.348.2247 | chernela@umd.edu

Ralph Clem, Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus | PhD, Columbia University, 1976
Electoral Geography, Democratic Transformation, Russia and former Soviet Union
Contact: 305.348.2247 | Ralph.Clem@fiu.edu

Peter Craumer

Peter Craumer, Professor Emeritus

Associate Professor | PhD, Columbia University, 1988
Rural Geography, Agriculture and Population Change, Russia
Office: Biscayne Bay Campus, ACI 313
Contact: 305.919.5818 | craumerp@fiu.edu

Stephen M. Fjellman, Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus | PhD, Stanford University, 1970
Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Studies
Contact: 305.348.2247 | Stephen.Fjellman@fiu.edu

Hugh Gladwin, Professor Emeritus

Associate Professor | PhD

Office: BBC Campus, AC1 311
Contact: 305.348.5839 | gladwin@fiu.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Abraham D. Lavender

Abraham D. Lavender, Professor Emeritus

Professor | PhD, University of Maryland, 1972
Ethnicity, Jewish Community, Sephardic Studies, Crypto-Jewish Studies, Sociology of Sexuality, Political Sociology, Regional Studies (South Florida), Social Deviance
Office: Modesto A. Maidique Campus, SIPA 334
Contact: 305.348.3672 | Abraham.Lavender@fiu.edu

Barry B. Levine, Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus | PhD, New School, 1973
Social Theory, Economic Sociology, Historical Sociology, Comparative Sociology, Globalization, International Development, Poverty, Ethnicity, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Latin America
Contact: 305.348.2247 | Barry.Levine@fiu.edu

Anthony P. Maingot, Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus | PhD, University of Florida, 1967
Political Sociology, Development, Latin America/Caribbean
Contact: 305.348.2247 | Anthony.Maingot@fiu.edu

Betty Morrow, Professor Emeritus

Professor Emerita | PhD, University of Miami, 1978
Sociology of Disasters, Social Resilience to Hazards particularly related to Vulnerable or High-risk Families and Communities, Risk Communication, Pre- and Post-Disaster Behavioral Studies including Evacuation Decisions of Households, Emergency Managers and Public Officials, Community Social Vulnerability Assessments
Contact: 305-348.2247 | bettymorrow@mac.com

Marifeli Pérez-Stable

Marifeli Pérez-Stable, Professor Emeritus

Professor | PhD, SUNY Stony Brook, 1985
Latin America, Cuba and the Caribbean, Political Sociology, Historical Sociology, Public Intellectuals, National Reconciliation, Human Rights
Office: Modesto A. Maidique Campus, SIPA 301
Contact: 305.348.2258 | Marifeli.Perez-Stable@fiu.edu

Alex Stepick, Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus | PhD, University of California at Irvine, 1974

Immigration & Ethnicity Institute Acting Director Research Institute on Social & Economic Policy (RISEP)

Tel: 305.348.2247 | stepick@fiu.edu

William T. Vickers, Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus | PhD, University of Florida, 1976
Environmental Anthropology, Development, Andes, Latin America
Contact: 305.348.2247 | William.Vickers@fiu.edu

Billy Hall, PhD, Alumni