GSS Graduate Students

Ilyana Adame, PhD Student
Research Interests: Immigration and Mental Health, Caribbean Migration, Race and Ethnicity, Identity, Cultural Anthropology

Remi Anderson, PhD Student

Raymond K. Awadzi, PhD Student
Research Interests: African diaspora, transnational networks, ethonogenesis, postcolonial theory

Sebastian Ballestas, Ph.D Student
Research Interests: Cultural Anthropology, Migration and Diasporas

Susannah Barr, PhD Student
Research Interests: Critical food studies, inequality, economic anthropology, visual anthropology, rural studies

Lois Beckford, MA Student

Martha Betancourt, MA Student

Lisdey Breijo, MA Student

A'Keitha Carey, Ph.D. Student

Alejandro Casas Reyes, PhD Student

Alejandro Casas Reyes, PhD Student
Research Interest: Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Decolonial and Postcolonial Studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies, African and African Diaspora Studies & Religious Studies. 
Ana Casasanta, PhD Student
Research Interests: Brazilian indigeneity, cultural, identity, cultural sovereignty, and medical anthropology

Cesar Castillo, PhD Student

Adrián Cetina Catzin, PhD Student
Research Interests: Ethnicity, alterity, indigeneity, cultural heritage, and identity

Rachele Delva, PhD Student

Clarence Dodge, PhD Student

Mary Dwyer, PhD Student

Thais Escobar, PhD Student

Stephannie Fernandes, PhD Student

Alexandra Gelbard,PhD Student
Research Interests: African Diaspora; Cuba; Cultural Production; Religion

Kimberly Gilchrist-Wynter, PhD Student
Research Interests: Identity, Race, African Diaspora, Anglophone Caribbean, Caribbean popular culture.

Gina Gomez, Ph.D Student

Lauraelena Guerrero, MA Student
Research Interests: Critical GIS, Indigenous Mapping

Imani Hudson, MA Student

Amir Khaghani, PhD Student
Research interests: Human Geography, Spatial Politics, Collective Memory, Middle East

Ayse Kirkic, PhD Student

Lucas Lopez, PhD Student

Jack Maguire, PhD Student
Research Interests: Immigration, Migration, Venezuela, Honduras, Community Engagement

Marina Marchena, PhD Student
Research Interests: Ethnography, medical anthropology, cuban diaspora, migration studies, social determinants of health, mental health

Lee Mcloughlin, PhD Student

Aarti Mehta-Kroll, PhD Student
Research Interests: Urban Sociology, Gentrification, Conflicts Over Land Use, Territorial Stigmatization, Resistance to Displacement

Javier Mejia-Cruz, PhD Student
Research Interests: Politics of resource extraction in Latin America, socio-environmental conflict, social movements

Jazmin Miller, PhD Student
Research Interests: Belize, Carnival, cultural identity politics, nationalism

Kimberly Miller, PhD Student
Research Interests: Ecotourism, Afro-indigeneity, Representation, Autonomy, Anglophone Caribbean

Jamie Moretz, MA Student

Jocelyn Moylan, PhD Student
Research Interests: Immigration, Home, Belonging

Samuel Olah Velez, PhD Student

David Ortiz, PhD Student
Research Interests: Urban Geography; Urban Informality; Housing; Community Development; Critical G.I.S

Tanvi Padalkar, PhD Student

Tiffany Peacock, PhD Student
Research Interests: African diaspora; hair/beauty politics & culture; racialization/Blackness; post-colonialism; body politics; social movements

Elizabeth Perez, MA Student
Research Interests: Socio-Cultural Research on Lucid Dreamers, Anthropology of Consciousness, New Age Spirituality, Ethnography

Adriana Pichs, PhD Student

Lina Romero, MA Student

Elisa Romulo, Ph.D. Student
Research Interests: Migrations, Diasporas and Identities

Stephanie Salgado Altamirano, PhD Student

Paola Andrea Sánchez-Castañeda, PhD Student
Research Interests: Territory, urban Indigenous, urban political ecology, Colombia.

Melissa Scott, PhD Student
Research Interests: Latin American studies, Caribbean studies, intersectionality, media studies, ethnomusicology

Ernes Sifran, PhD Student

Diana Solano Gomez, PhD Student

Maya Stemen, MA Student

Lawren Taylor, MA Student

Ilioney Thelemaque, PhD Student

Nicholas Uptgrow, PhD Student

Floris Waardenburg, PhD Student

Tom Weidemeyer, PhD Student
Research Interests: Puerto Rico, sovereignty, geopolitics, Caribbean

Jeffery Wilson, PhD Student
Research Interests: Machine learning, social media, AI ethics, internet governance, and technology studies

Bankole Wright, PhD Student
Research Interests: African Studies; African urban culture; Anthropology of African Street; Intersections of gender and sexuality in African street culture; and African popular culture.

Naya Wright, PhD Student