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As a major in anthropology, geography, sociology, or global studies, you have the option of participating in internship opportunities with local businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations for up to six hours of elective credit. During an internship, you will have the chance to work alongside professionals in the real world, apply what you have learned in the classroom, make connections with local community members, develop relationships with professionals in the fields of your career interests, and potentially find a future employer.

For more information, including how to apply, see GSS Undergraduate Internships

Undergraduate Advising

Students can login to Campus Solutions ( my.fiu) to access Panther Success Network, the student portal. From the home page, click on Academic Advising, then on Success Network. Once logged in to PSN, students can make an appointment with their assigned advisor, read or send a message, access prior advisor reports, view their information, etc.

It is recommended to set up an appointment with your assigned advisor every semester to make sure you are on track, especially the closer you are to your last semester. The middle of the semester is the best time to make an appointment for next semester, this way we have more time to devote to you.

GSS Professional Advisor: Grey Fernandez,, Modesto Maidique Campus - SIPA #302; Telephone; 305-348-7266

GSS Faculty Academic Advisor: You can make an appointment to see Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez, GSS Faculty Academic Advisor by calling 305-348-2247, or send him an email to