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University Requirements

  • Lower division university core requirements or (for transfer students) general education requirements
  • CLAST requirement
  • A minimum of 120 credits hours
  • The final 30 credits must be taken at FIU (with exceptions requiring the approval of the Dean’s office)
  • GPA 2.0 or higher

Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs

  • A minimum of 48 credit hours of upper division courses
  • A grade of “C” or higher in each major course
  • *Foreign language: equivalent of a second semester sequence foreign language course or one more advanced. (with a minimum grade of C)


Common Prerequisites (6 credits)

Two 2000-level GEO-prefix courses. GEO 2000 – Introduction to Geography (offered in GSS) and GEO 2200 – Physical Geography (offered in Earth & Environmental Studies) are recommended. (GEO 2200 can be substituted with an upper-level GEO course with the approval of a GSS Advisor in writing).

Lower Division (3 credits)

GEA 2000 – World Regional Geography


Upper Division Core Courses (12 credits)

At least one of the following: GEO 3421 - Cultural Geography, GEO 3471 - Political Geography or GEO 3502 Economic Geography

  • GIS 3048 - Applications of Geographic Information Systems
  • SYA 3300 - Research Methods
  • SYA 4011 - Social Theory

Upper-Division Department Electives (18 credits; 3000-level or higher)

  • Three additional upper division GEO courses (at least one 4000-level course).
  • One upper division GEA course
  • One upper division Anthropology (ANT) course
  • One upper division Sociology (SYA/SYD/SYG/SYO/SYP) course

Other Electives (30 credits)

A minimum of 18 credits must be upper division (3000-level or higher).

Option: Please consider applying the upper division major courses (required and elective) to a second major in Anthropology/Sociology, a minor in Anthropology/Sociology, or a certificate program.