BA in Global Studies- Geography Major

Global Studies is the interdisciplinary study of the interconnections among cultural, political, economic, and ecological dimensions of social life in an age of globalization. The curriculum provides rigorous theoretical and methodological training in social science appropriate to the changing global workforce of the 21st century.


Geography focuses on understanding humanity's relations with the earth. One perspective addresses how humanity organizes the world spatially, from the level of the household to cities, countries, and the world. This includes questions of how we give meaning to places and how we create territory. Another approach addresses the two­ way interactions between humanity and nature. This includes questions of nature's effects on human societies and of humanity's role in transforming the earth. Geographic technologies provide important tools for social science inquiry. These include computer­ based geographic information sciences (GIS), remote sensing, and online, interactive mapping. People with geography majors often develop careers in fields like high-tech, real estate, public health, environmental management, education, disaster response, city and regional planning, community development, and many others.

University Requirements

  • Lower division university core requirements or (for transfer students) general education requirements
  • CLAST requirement
  • A minimum of 120 credits hours
  • The final 30 credits must be taken at FIU (with exceptions requiring the approval of the Dean’s office)
  • GPA 2.0 or higher

Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs

  • A minimum of 48 credit hours of upper division courses
  • A grade of “C” or higher in each major course
  • *Foreign language: equivalent of a second semester sequence foreign language course or one more advanced. (with a minimum grade of C)



Major Requirements (30 credit hours) 

Introduction to Major3 credits
Program Core Courses9 credits
Theory 3 credits
Methods6 credits
Disciplinary Upper Division Electives6 credits
Other Upper Division Electives3 credits


Course Requirments 

Intro to Major (3 credit hours) 

  • IDS 3315 Gaining Global Perspectives- GL (3)

Core Courses (9 credit hours) 

  • ANT 3212 World Ethnographies- GL (3)
  • GEO 3001 Geography of Global Change- GL (3)
  • SYP 3456 Societies in the World- GL (3)

Theory (3 credit hours) 

One of the following: 

  • GEO 3421 Cultural Geography (3)
  • GEO 3471 Political Geography (3)
  • GEO 3502 Economic Geography (3) 

Methods (6 credit hours) 

  • SYA 3300 Research Methods (3)
  • GIS 3048 Applications of Geographic Information Systems (3)

Disciplinary Upper Division Electives (6 credit hours) 

Two additional upper-divison geography courses (GEA/GEO)

Other Upper-Division Department Electives (3 credit hours)

One additional upper-division anthropology (ANT) course; or one additional upper-divison sociology course (SYA/SYD/SYG/SYO/SYP)