As an interdisciplinary department that combines Anthropology, Human Geography and Sociology, we are proud to offer both a PhD and MA in Global and Sociocultural Studies. Our department's faculty and graduate students specialize in research on three core, interlocking themes:

  • Identities and Inequalities
  • Migrations and Diasporas
  • Nature-Society

Both the MA and PhD programs draw on the strength of our faculty members' interdisciplinary commonalities, while also allowing students to gain a strong foundation in either Anthropology, Geography, or Sociology..

Information about Applying to the MA or PhD Program

Information for Current Students

  • UGS Student Forms (Admissions, Current students, Dissertations, Thesis Forms, Annual Student Evaluation and Mentoring Forms)

GSS Internal PhD Student Evaluation Form

MA and PhD Requirements Both PHD and MA students complete a set of interdisciplinary core courses, while PhD students concentrate their remaining course work in one of three majors: Anthropology, Geography, or Sociology. This disciplinary major appears on the degree earned.

Requirements, Global and Sociocultural Studies

For further information, please contact Dr. Qing Lai at 
Graduate Program Director.

Sociology, Anthropology & Geography Graduate Students Association (SAGGSA)

For further information, please contact:

Lucas Lopez, SAGGSA President
Ayse Kirkic & Ernes Sifran, SAGGSA Vice President
Lee McLoughlin, SAGGSA Treasurer
Clarence Dodge, SAGGSA CSO Representative