As an interdisciplinary department that combines Anthropology, Human Geography and Sociology, we are proud to offer both a PhD and MA in Global and Sociocultural Studies. Our department's faculty and graduate students specialize in research on three core, interlocking themes:

  • Identities and Inequalities
  • Migrations and Diasporas
  • Nature-Society

Both the MA and PhD programs draw on the strength of our faculty members' interdisciplinary commonalities, while also allowing students to gain a strong foundation in either Anthropology, Geography, or Sociology..

Information about Applying to the MA or PhD Program

Information for Current Students

  • UGS Student Forms (Admissions, Current students, Dissertations, Thesis Forms, Annual Student Evaluation and Mentoring Forms)

GSS Internal PhD Student Evaluation Form—Sum.17-Spring 18

MA and PhD Requirements Both PHD and MA students complete a set of interdisciplinary core courses, while PhD students concentrate their remaining course work in one of three majors: Anthropology, Geography, or Sociology. This disciplinary major appears on the degree earned.

Requirements, Global and Sociocultural Studies

For further information, please contact Dr. Gail Hollander,
Graduate Program Director.

Sociology, Anthropology & Geography Graduate Students Association (SAGGSA)

For further information, please contact:

Tiffany Peacock, 2020-2021 SAGGSA President
Jocelyn Moylan, 2020-2021 SAGGSA Vice President
Kimberly Miller, 2020-2021 SAGGSA Treasurer
A'Keitha Carey, 2020-2021 SAGGSA CSO Representative